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Jan Robinson, former president of Hampton Homes Custom Creations Inc., has established a new firm, "Diva" at the Beach Real Estate Inc. DBA Hampton Homes. Specializing in rentals as well as sales, Jan has 20 years of experience to match the customer with the perfect home.

Jan Robinson started in Real Estate in the Hamptons in 1989 and lives in East Hampton. Having worked in the apparel industry for 20 years and the catering business for 5 years after that, she realized that real estate would be the perfect next career for someone with such strong sales and marketing experience. For the first five years Jan worked for an East Hampton Agency and then opened her own office in 1993. In 2000 Jan started Hampton Homes Custom Creations, Inc., a construction management firm building custom homes. Jan had Hampton Homes Custom Creations.Inc. for 12 years and has built over 100 houses in the East Hampton Area.

Jan decided to run a Boutique Real Estate Business specializing in exceptional homes for sale and rent. For the homeowner listing exclusively with Hampton Homes, they will receive the personal attention their property deserves. Rental properties and rental customers will receive the same attention no matter what size or price they are listing or renting for. Also from this full service brokerage firm, with 15 years of construction experience, we bring a keen eye to resales which may need updating or additions to make the perfect home. As a smaller enterprise, attention to our clients is our top prority.

My 20 years of combined experience will match the customer with the perfect home to satisfy all of their needs. I don't just sell or rent a home, I make it your dream home.

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